Latest Signatures
1,065 Mrs Susan L. NSW Baptist
1,064 Ms Erin E. Anglican
1,063 Mrs Kathryn B. WA ANGLICAN
1,062 Ms Jennifer B. New South Wales Uniting
1,061 Ms Ken S. Qld Anglican
1,060 Ms Samantha H. Qld Anglican
1,059 Mr Grant S. QLD Anglican
1,058 Ms Julie B. NSW Past Anglican
1,057 Mrs Rev’d Lenore M. NSW Anglican
1,056 Mrs Jacqueline H. NSW Anglican
1,055 Mrs Cindy T. Tasmania Anglican
1,054 Mrs Lynda M. WA Anglican
1,053 Mr Darryl C. WA Anglican
1,052 Ms Loy B. NSW Anglican
1,051 Ms Deborah B. Qld Anglican
1,050 Ms David H. Victoria Anglican
1,049 Ms Arden C. NSW
1,048 Ms Diana J. Sydney Anglican
1,047 Ms Sean F. QLD C of E
1,046 Ms Ursula C. Vic Pentecostal
1,045 Mr Alan M. VIC Baptist
1,044 Ms Michelle W. Victoria Anglican
1,043 Ms Lauri K. Victoria Christadelphian
1,042 Mrs Bronwyn T. NSW Anglican
1,041 Ms Rob B. NSW Catholic
1,040 Ms Laura V. WA Church of Christ
1,039 Ms Jan C. Qld Uniting
1,038 Dr. Lyn M. Vic Churches of Christ
1,037 Mrs Christine B. Church of christ
1,036 Ms Sandy O. Vic Charismatic
1,035 Ms Valmai E. Victoria Anglican
1,034 Mrs Natalie M. Victoria Baptist
1,033 Mr James L. Vic Anglican
1,032 Ms Mixed charismatic B. Nsw Mixed charismatic
1,031 Ms Janet v. QLD Lutheran
1,030 Dr. Melanie Z. NSW Small Boat Big Sea - not sure what that is!
1,029 Ms Corina v. Western Australia Uniting Church
1,028 Mr Sean O. New South Wales Christian
1,027 Ms Greg C. NSW Anglican
1,026 Mrs Petria S. SA Non-denominational non-church attending
1,025 Dr. Reverend Comrade Shelly Frances K. NSW Crave Liberation Alliance Community Churches Australia Universal Life Church
1,024 Ms Judith L. Victoria Uniting Church in Australia
1,023 Ms Nika H. WA Baptist
1,022 Mr M.JOHN W. victoria baptist
1,021 Mr Alan M. Queensland Point Vernon
1,020 Mr Chris F. Western Australia
1,019 Miss Linzi H. SA Christian
1,018 Ms Ellen W. NSW Seventh-day Adventist
1,017 Mr Bill S. Victoria Anglican
1,016 Mr stuart l. nsw anglican