About Us

Equal Voices is an alliance of LGBTIQ+ Christians and allies. It supports, sustains and empowers LGBTIQ Christians to express their religious identity in community with others and in the public domain.

At great personal cost and in violation of their human rights, LGBTIQ people of faith are often forced to choose between essential parts of their identity. They face varying degrees of exclusion, rejection and ignorance from both LGBTIQ+ and faith-based communities of identity.

In the public domain religious rights are often pitted against the rights of LGBTIQ people, erasing LGBTIQ people of faith from consideration in public policies and impoverishing the public conversation.

Launched in April 2017, Equal Voices works for the inclusion and recognition of religious LGBTIQ people in both their communities of identity. Equal Voices brings LGBTIQ Christians together.

Equal Voices recognises and affirms their dual identities. It gives them a united voice to speak to their communities of identity and to public debates that often divide what they have reconciled.

Equal Voices advocates on behalf of LGBTIQ people of faith within faith communities (primarily Christian) and in public policy. It develops and provides educational and other resources for LGBTIQ people of faith, their communities and their families.

Equal Voices offers support, care and encouragement by facilitating, branches, faith networks and task forces – particularly among religious communities, running events and operating in online spaces. It makes submissions and contributions to public policy and law reform issues and engages with government at all levels.