David Gushee, Changing Our Mind

David Gushee, Changing Our Mind

David Gushee, once one of the Evangelical world’s most sought after ethicists, calls on the church to revise its position on homosexuality. The book outlines his journey from a conservative evangelical approach to an argument that LGB partnerships should be welcomed on the same basis as heterosexual partnerships – lifelong, covenantal relationships. Gushee engages with contemporary scholarship but does so in a non-technical way. A good book to introduce evangelicals to another way of reading the texts.

Which Resource?

I would like to start building bridges between my church and the LGBT+ community.

• Love Is An Orientation
• Us Versus Us
• Generous Spaciousness
• A Letter To My Congregation
• Through My Eyes (video/DVD)
• Seventh-Gay Adventists
• Torn
• Love Is An Orientation Participant’s Guide with DVD

I’d like to understand the basics of the scriptures involved in this issue.

• The Children Are Free (basic)
• Torn (intermediate)
• Fish Out Of Water (intermediate)
• Bible Gender Sexuality (advanced)

I’m a parent with a gay, lesbian or transgender child. I’d like to better understand things from my child’s perspective.

• Through My Eyes (video/DVD)
• Anyone And Everyone
• God And The Gay Christian
• Torn
• Seventh-Gay Adventists
• Transparently
• Raising Ryland

I would like to hear the stories of other LGBTIQ+ Christians and how they worked through this issue.

• Torn
• God And the Gay Christian
• Through My Eyes (video/DVD)
• Seventh-Gay Adventists
• For The Bible Tells Me So
• Love Free Or Die

I want an in-depth hard-hitting scriptural analysis and a new way of understanding some of the doctrines that have come along in recent years.

• Walking The Bridgeless Canyon
• Bible Gender Sexuality

I’m just coming to terms with being both gay and Christian. Take me from the beginning. Where do I start and how do I navigate this reality?

• The Children Are Free
• Torn
• Bulletproof Faith
• Through My Eyes (video/DVD)
• Seventh-Gay Adventists (video/DVD)

I want to better understand transgender issues and transgender people.

• Transparently
• Raising Ryland
• Funny Kinda Guy (DVD)

I am an advocate for LGBT people in my church or a Christian parent of a gay child. I want to educate myself as to how I can be an advocate for LGBTIQ+

Christians in my church community.

• Love Is An Orientation
• Generous Spaciousness
• Us Versus Us
• A Letter To My Congregation
• Through My Eyes (video/DVD)
• Anyone And Everyone (DVD)
• The Case Against 8
• Love Is An Orientation Participant’s Guide with DVD
• Homosexuality And Your Church

What are “ex-gay” programs and how do they harm LGBTIQ+ people?

• This Is What Love In Action Looks Like
• Prayers For Bobby

How did it all come to this? What is the history that led to the situation we have in our churches today? How did these issues get so wrapped up in politics around the world? Are the scriptural texts relevant to the reality of modern LGBTIQ+ people?

• Walking The Bridgeless Canyon

Most resources may be found through online book retailers around the world.

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Study Guides

Study Pack: Workbook & DVD
Love Is An Orientation Participant’s Guide with DVD: Practical Ways to Build Bridges with the Gay Community
(Love Is An Orientation DVD, plus Love Is An Orientation Participant Guide workbook)
Zondervan Press, ISBN-10: 031068451X, ISBN-13: 978-0310684510
Available through: Amazon.com

Homosexuality And Your Church – Handling the Controversy with Grace and Love
Workbook that can be used in conjunction with the “Through My Eyes” video/DVD
Gay Christian Network (GCN) Publication, 2010
GCN Church Toolkit: https://www.gaychristian.net/store/church-toolkit


DVDs and Videos

Through My Eyes
Documentary: 46 minutes (2009)
Free viewing on YouTube:

Or search for “Through My Eyes (complete film)” on YouTube
DVD also available.

Anyone And Everyone
Documentary: 60 minutes
by Iron Zeal Films

Seventh-Gay Adventists – A Film About Faith on the Margins
Documentary: 104 minutes (2013)
by Watchfire Films

For The Bible Tells Me So
Documentary: 98 minutes (2007)
by Daniel Karslake

This Is What Love In Action Looks Like
Documentary: 74 minutes (2011)
by Morgan Jon Fox

Funny Kinda Guy
Documentary: 83 minutes (2004)
by Travis Reeves

Love Free Or Die – One Man’s Fight for Equality
Documentary: 83 minutes (2012)
by Revel Productions

The Case Against 8
Documentary: 112 minutes (2014)
by Ben Cotner and Ryan White

Fish Out Of Water – What Does the Bible Really Say About Being Gay?
Documentary: 60 minutes (2009)
by Ky Dickens

Prayers For Bobby
Drama based on a True Story: 85 minutes (2008)
by Umbrella/RHI Productions



Love Is An Orientation – Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community
by Andrew Marin, InterVarsity Press (2009)

The Children Are Free – Re-examining The Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships
by Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley, Found Pearl Press (2008)

Bible Gender Sexuality – Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships
by James V. Brownson, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing (2013)

Torn – Rescuing The Gospel From The Gays-Vs.-Christians Debate
by Justin Lee, Hachette Press (2013)
(UK title: Un-Conditional; Hodder and Stoughton Press)

Us Versus Us – The Untold Story of Religion and the LGBT Community
by Andrew Marin, NavPress/Tyndale (2016)

Generous Spaciousness – Responding to Gay Christians in the Church
by Wendy Vander Wal-Gritter, Brazos Press (2014)

A Letter To My Congregation – An Evangelical Pastor’s Path to Embracing LGBT People
by Ken Wilson, Read The Spirits Books (2014)

Walking The Bridgeless Canyon – Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community
by Kathy Baldock, Canyonwalker Press (2014)

God And The Gay Christian – The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships
by Matthew Vines, Convergent Books (2014)

Transparently – Behind the Scenes of a Good Life
by Lisa Salazar, Amazon Digital Services (2011)

Raising Ryland – Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached
by Hillary Whittington, Harper Collins (2015)

Bulletproof Faith – A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians
by Candace Chellew-Hodge, Jossey-Bass Press (2008)