Plunged again into avoidable grief

Plunged again into avoidable grief

Equal Voices grieves with all LGBTIQ+ people who are feeling afresh the pain and trauma of their experiences of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) in Christian churches in the wake of the recent media release from Hillsong (14 February 2019).

Our members come from across Australian churches, denominational affiliations and traditions, and we share a love for Christ’s church and a desire to see all of our churches become truly welcoming and affirming places that acknowledge, respect, utilise and celebrate the gifts of all, regardless of sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

Equal Voices acknowledges the terribly destructive impact of SOCE messaging on so many, including the messaging contained in multiple audio cassettes, VHS tapes and other recordings of Hillsong preachers and guest speakers, who use such descriptors as ‘broken,’ ‘damaged’, ‘sinful,’ and ‘not according to God’s plan,’ to describe those who are LGBTIQ+, encouraging them to seek treatment or prayers, and be ‘healed’.

We acknowledge the pain and grief of people who were asked to step down from leadership roles because of their sexual and/or gender diversity. We recognize and stand by our Equal Voices community who express disappointment at Hillsong’s statement. We agree with comments made that it would have been better to acknowledge past wrongdoing and repented of it; thereby offering much needed comfort and support to those so adversely affected.

Equal Voices would like to offer our support to Hillsong to address some of these issues.

Please consider joining the Equal Voices movement if you haven’t already.

Equal Voices Team